Saturday, February 20, 2016


A Flame in the Dark as it has been known will no longer exist. As one of the only Christian horror blogs on the web, it has been our privilege to serve the Christian speculative fan community with news, interviews, and reviews.

Just as AFitD has always been a labor of love and a personal passion, the reasons and reality of this next step in its existence are also personal. The short version is, I don't have the time to engage in the creative endeavors I enjoy, the obligations I have undertaken, AND the maintenance of a full-time news blog.

The website will continue to exist, but as a portal for new, creative outlets as we build and maintain a team committed to these endeavors. 

In short, upon relaunch, A Flame in the Dark as an entity will be a combination, at long last, of my duel passions as a writer and as a broadcaster, dedicated to creating engaging works of audio fiction.

As such, MonsterCast, AFitD's very first podcast, will ALSO be retooled to fit this new vision.

I sincerely hope to engage in other blogging endeavors, but through outlets in which I am not solely responsible for content creation.

Thank you to all who have contributed to this blog.

Thank you for your support of A Flame in the Dark so far. It is my sincere hope that you join us in our new endeavor -- as a fan, or even as a contributor! (And on that note, be watching for announcements about how you can do exactly that!)

God bless you!
Randy Streu
Admin, Editor, and Owner, A Flame in the Dark