Tuesday, March 15, 2016

April on Monstercast...

Now that the first episode of MonsterCast is out of the way, we turn our sights to a particular phobia of mine -- and perhaps one of yours, too. The featured tale in the upcoming episode comes from NBC Radio's horror anthology program, Lights Out.

People who know your humble host can easily guess the subject of April's MonsterCast, but the title is a dead giveaway. Coming in April:

Thursday, March 3, 2016

MonsterCast, Reborn!

The first episode of the brand new MonsterCast is available for download and listening right now!

The new MonsterCast is a collection of classic horror radio dramas, hosted by Randy Streu and brought to you fresh -- well, fresh-ish -- every month. 

This month on MonsterCast, we're kicking off anew with what has been considered by many the definitive horror radio play. "The Thing On the Fourble Board," originally an episode of Quiet Please, takes place on an oil derrick and dares to ask, what lies deep beneath the surface?


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(Download episode here)