Sunday, May 8, 2016

Zombie Awareness Month: Some Personal Favorites For Your Listening Pleasure

As we mentioned earlier, May is Zombie Awareness Month. To celebrate, we're sharing some of our favorite audio dramas. From classic local radio to modern podcasts, these have inspired and entertained us, moaning and clawing their way into our hearts.

The Peoria Plague (1972) - In the tradition of the infamous Mercury Radio Theatre production of "War of the Worlds," this apocalyptic tale from WUHN in Peoria, IL presented a shocking tale of terror through a series of breaking news reports and in-studio performances.

Download it from

Dreaming of a Dead Christmas (2015) - A Christmas Episode of Campfire Radio Theater. Two coeds travel a back road on their way home... and quickly wish they hadn't.

Download it from Campfire Radio!

We're Alive and We're Alive: Lockdown (2009-current)- A small group of Army Reservists pull together survivors when, out of nowhere, the dead begin animated and eating flesh. This is a great, and very professionally done series. Get it direct from the We're Alive website.

And don't forget to keep an eye out for this month's MonsterCast, where we'll revisit yet another personal favorite, from the archives of old time radio.

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