Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Beyond The Rim, Episode 1: Shoo, Fly - Part One

Episode 1 of Beyond The Rim is available now!

All he wanted was to take his sweetheart out on the town. Darn pests ruin everything. Join us for Part 1 of "Shoo, Fly!"

This Episode featured
Nick Petcosky as The Narrator
Jennifer Ambrose as Dierdre
Tim Ambrose as The Doctor
Liberty Speidel as Nadia
David A. Dein as Burt
Fred Kracke as The Hardware Clerk

And our host, P.E.G. 5.1 is voiced by Liberty Speidel

(Music Credits posted soon)

Beyond The Rim, Episode 1 was written, directed, & produced by Randy Streu and is available under a Creative Commons Attribution, non-commercial, No-Derivatives 3.0 license.