Casting Calls

Beyond The Rim, Episode 4:  "Eightball"

Audition Deadline March 01, 2018
(NOTE: These are unpaid roles for a free podcast audio drama)

Beyond the Rim is a science fiction/horror anthology series with a nod to spirit of classic radio and television anthology programs

"Eightball" is a spooky little story about what can happen when you let inanimate objects do your thinking for you...

Please send audition files, one per character, to, with the subject Beyond The Rim, Episode 4 Audition

Send up to three takes per line (please do not clean your takes) and save each file with the name in this format: BTRep4_CharacterName_YourName.mp3

Feel free to audition for as many roles as you want, as this will give us a better feel for your range. 

We will notify cast members via email by August 15, and first scripts should arrive shortly after.

Cast of Characters


JANE - 20s, female
LINES  1 - (Angry, scared) If you need to run away from your problems, I won't stop you. I'm getting out and checking on him. And I'm calling 9-1-1.

2.  (Confused, panicking) Why can't I let go of you? Why can't I drop you or throw you?

9-1-1 OPERATOR - Seasoned and compassionate... in a business where she's heard it all, still tries to be human
LINE - You're welcome. (beat) Oh, and from one woman who doesn't know how to pick 'em to another... sorry about your night.


TYLER - 20s
LINES  1 - (He's an angry drunk) I asked you to tell me a station -- not find it for me. I thought we settled how to listen to me last week with the belt. (almost to himself) Women. (Back to Jane) Like I need you to dial a station for me?

2 - (apologetic) Listen, baby. You know how I get sometimes when I drink a little too much...   

LINE - (Seething) I made you Deputy. The town didn't like that; I stuck up for you.

LINE - (confused) Ma'am, why are you touching his face? (Beat, nervous) What's happening to him?


EIGHTBALL - is something of an alien object. Is calm, cool... think HAL (2001).

LINE - The name "Tom" isn't the ONLY thing they share. Ask about the Sheriff's wife.

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