What is A Flame in the Dark?

"Theatre of The Mind"

Good radio connects with the listener to inform and entertain. Great radio first packages these communications into a little, white lie we help the listener's imagination tell itself. A talented broadcaster can paint a picture in his or her words, wherein the listener will fill in the missing pieces to make it a personal experience. The DJ isn't sitting in a stuffy studio somewhere, but in a Heaven built entirely out of rock and roll. It's the place to be; the place everyone who's anyone might just show up. And it looks exactly like you think it does. 

Radio personalities do this all the time: create a sense of you-are-there excitement built of your own fantasy, even while reality is a little room with foam walls, a window, and a mixing board. The guest for the day is sitting right there, right now, even though the actual interview was recorded and cut up days ago. If you could get to the station, you might even have the chance to meet your favorite singer, and he'd love to see you, but you have work and obligations and are content to live vicariously through your favorite DJ, who you just know is hanging out and chatting up the band and sharing a beer or two. 

We call this phenomenon Theater of the Mind. We tell you a story and, if we get the words just right, the tone of our voice, the incidental sounds, you believe every word. And more importantly, you believe every picture your own imagination can come up with.

This is the basis of Audio Drama: using radio techniques, acting, and sound to tell a good story. To keep you engaged. To keep you hanging on. It's theater, but even better, because while we supply the story, you create the imagery. The world of the story looks as amazing as you believe it does. 

Audio Drama has been around practically since the medium of radio was available to households across the First World. It predates television and motion picture and for a long time was the best and final word in family entertainment. 

A Flame in the Dark Productions is one of several relatively new groups dedicated to the return of this exciting storytelling medium. Thanks to the internet, we have a whole new mode of faster, on-demand delivery and access to a whole new audience. And indeed, new options to explore when it comes to updating this classic medium. 

AFitD's number one goal is to entertain you. To introduce and welcome you to an entire world of storytelling. A symbiotic relationship between teller and listener where you are a part of the story, just by allowing us access into your imagination. 

In the coming months, we'll have new productions available for free listening and download. We hope you'll take advantage and enjoy the stories we have to tell. And tell your friends to stop by too. Who knows where their imaginations might take them?


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